How to Disable Windows 10 OS Upgrade on your Windows 7 & 8.1


How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options

If you are still using that awesome Windows 7 and continuously getting those popups that Windows 10 OS upgrade is ready to be installed on your system and you wish to stay with windows 7 or windows 8.1 then we have a very light and simple utility that will help you with this JOB. Never10 is a simple utility that stops your windows 7 or 8.1 from automatically getting upgraded to windows 10 OS.

How to Remove Password from PDF Files with Google Chrome

never 10 disabled windows 10 OS upgrade

Top 5 Private Health Insurance Companies in India 2016


Gone are the days when medical insurance was viewed in India as a high-end. In this age of increasing medical inflation, health care expenditures are surpassing our price. It is far from being sensible to depend upon our own cost savings to pay medical costs. Although, a lot of us have group health covers that are either specific or household floater policies supplied by their companies, these strategies are not extensive and the advantages frequently disappoint real requirements. This is why a standalone health insurance is the requirement of the hour for us and our households. If you are uninformed of the increase of health care expense over the previous 10 years, here are some statistics for you.


The fact that billionaires hide their money to dodge paying tax has gone public.
Paying tax sucks. If you think paying your current tax is handful enough, imagine you make millions of dollars a month. That only means more effort and more money to spend. Then, you will understand why billionaires hide their money to avoid it.

Top 10 World’s Richest Female Prostitutes

That points out simply a business owner or a business owner can earn money in thousands and billions? Below, our team got some world's wealthiest female whores which will cost you some even more you actually thought about. Have a look at these richest female prostitutes.

How to Sleep in an Airport


Airport Sleeping Tips

When traveling, you certainly never recognize if an unexpected or even arbitrary weather condition style may surface, or if your aircraft looking for some eleventh hour maintenance and repairs, inducing your air travel to be postponed or canceled. All the same, when passing by plane, there is a possibility you could find yourself being forced to sleep in an airport.

Listed here are actually some pointers in order to help you deal: