Discover Differences Between The Life Of An Army Kid vs Regular Kid

1.  Army Kids have their entire childhood fidgeting around war stories, guns, missiles etc..

Regular Kids are mostly learning awesome stuff related to respective states & cultures

2.  Army Kids eat food of all forms and from all the states, before they turn 15

Regular Kids be like “I don’t know what that is”

3.  Army Kids have free access to library, gym, sports complex, basketball ground and other 65858 places

Regular Kids be like “Every form of refuge has its price”

4.  Army Kids make new set of friends every year; and a friendship that lasts a lifetime

Regular Kids hang out with same set of friends for their entire school life

5. Army kids travel to school in Shaktiman

Regular Kids travel to school either in school bus or on “Papa ka scooter”

6. Rain. Hailstorm. Ice. Army kids have seen their fathers going on for an early morning walk / exercise/ running.

Regular Kids have it the other way; their parents forcing them to go to early morning walks

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7.  Even having a “Bhaiya” around almost always to help; Army kids learn to do their own work

Regular Kids live & cherish the luxuries of having a helper, if at all

8.  There’s no party in the world that holds a torch in front of Army Parties; PATIALA Peg Rs 30 Only Ji

Well Alcohol for a Regular Kid is real expensive shit

9.  Traveling is more of a routine than a choice with Army kids. 16 yrs, 7 States, 5 Schools, 1289 Facebook friends and still counting

The life of a Regular Kid be like 16 yrs, 1 State, 1 School, 20 kickass friends