Discover Nepal

Sprawling along the great heights of the Himalayas, Nepal is where you feel the icy cold mountains meeting the hot mainland. If you are adventures you must visit The last Resort The Last Resort itself is exactly 100km from Kathmandu on the road to Tibet. See the Google map below for its location. Video The sherpas, stupas, and lovely scenery makes Nepal an interesting hideout. Featuring some of the outstanding trekking peaks of the Kathmandu Valley, Pictures the place is home to several architectural wonders. At one moment, you praise the Kathmandu Valley, the top attraction in Nepal and , you turn out to be an adventure traveler. The Everest Base Camp is just not for the Tenzing and Hillary; you have every commoner experiencing some trekking throughout their holiday in Nepal. Adventure sports are an important part of Nepal tours. The adrenaline junkies will have a memorable time in the country opting for some kayakaying, skiing, mountain biking, and trekking.
For your India travel to Nepal, the top picks would be Pokhara, Annapurna Circuit, Tansen, Lumbini, and Bandipur. There are amazing places like the Royal Chitwan Nationhal Park and Langtang National Park. You kick-start your journey in Nepal with some packages that include the
 centers, pilgrimage, and sightseeing. Popular pilgrimage Nepal tours include the Buddhist tours having temples like Boudhonath, parping caves, and the famous Pashupathinath Temple.