• François Dorey, alto saxophone. 
    Gaspard Benoit, Trombone. 
    Clement Leo, Trombone. 
    Balenbois Thibault, Percussion. 
    Theo Lemon deny, baritone saxophone.
    Jerome Pinti, Trumpet.
    Arthur Degenève, Trumpet.
    Hyunseon Park, Euphonium.
    William Godineau, Sousaphone.
    Maxime Piard, Reporter.
    Ameloot Alix, Photographer.



our action will take place from January to July 2015, during which we want to intervene in 3 different countries. The duration of our work in each country will be two months on average. We devote this time to the development of each child through different actions focused on music.

For this, we make available an association working for the development and education of children. We work with these associations upstream come, and this will continue of course once there. These associations have a great experience and very familiar with their children and the social context in which they operate. This will allow us to build our project in the most relevant way possible.
We would first meet with children, earn their trust and build interest. We will present to them through a concert and the first contact will be through fun activities. These will evolve towards musical awareness workshops focus on personal development of children.
The workshops conducted during these two months will especially children to become familiar with the concepts of sound, rhythm, listening to others and themselves. These workshops will go from singing to manufacture instruments with recycled materials through the corpo-rate and by learning different instruments. So children can understand different aspects of learning and practice of music. These workshops also lead to the establishment of a group project as a show or concert.
As a band, we also could help associations in which we travel by performing various musical performances. This advantage may in particular afford to give them more visibility and raise funds.

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