Discover How to Send APK, PDF, ZIP & Other Files on WhatsApp

This Question can raised from the business man that how any normal person can share  file format with friends and colleagues on whatsapp. Well now you cant not  easily share any file format on whatsapp with people in groups,But now its possible
FOLLOW these step:
mediafire application can make this thing easier for to share af type of file,firstly you need to fully update your number with  mediafire application and whatsapp 

Share any type of file format on WhatsApp using Mediafire

Install the
 Mediafire Application andWhatsApp whatsapp in case you are not having.So now lets see how the process could be initiated and what you all have to do.
  1. now check the file which you want to send is present on your phone.
  2. Open and create your free account on media fire application
  3. now simple upload and send that file to as many of people yo want to send its easy as you send you routine messeges.
  4. After the file is uploaded on mediafire, click the button and share option will be visible to you.
  5. you will able to see the WhatsApp option, choose that and then select either the person, group or broadcasting channel as you want.