HOW TO Travel with your Iphone

HOW TO Travel with your Iphone

Traveling is all about capturing thing in your camera 

If you love to travel than one thing is recommended for you , that is a good camera (dslr)
but if you dont have one than its ok you just need to have you smart phone or Iphone 

I phone is always I recommend you have its nice. easy to handle and have a very good quality .
it does not matter that you should always have the upgrade model . 

The trick is to hold with the unique frame and every time you it will look good 
If you use the Selfie trick than that is much better to get a good  view from height

 Things to remember while capturing pictures  :

1. Remember the rule of third.
2. Use grid to frame better
3. hold static to avoid shakiness 
4. take your time to click
5. remember to smile

I made a short movie with my i phone 4s when i got chance to do skydiving in Dubai.