How to start Travel Vlogs on YouTube

DISCOVER How to start Travel Vlogs on YouTube

Make you upload day for YouTube viewers
First thing you need to decide is vlogging is you hobbie or you you you want to make a good responsive carrier out of this Decide how often you can reasonably create, edit, and upload videos to YouTube.
check the best day of week even you travelling or at home or any where post your vlog  weekly or as you like so the audience can get interest in you and make sure you share with social media to get more viewers.#Facebook #twitter #tumbler 
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Use Atractive Titles and Thumbnail Images
FIRST impression always with name and Thumbnail whether your viewer is  on Facebook, Twitter, or a Google or YouTube search, you want your viewer to click on them and watch them. To do this, you need to have very catchy titles that represent your YouTube videos well, and you need video thumbnail images that show something interesting, not just your opening credits or a blank screen.
Place a strong emphasis on using awesome titles and thumbnail images to increase the CTR (click-through rate) for your YouTube travel vlogs.
Give Your Viewers a Community Name
People love to be a part of something, and community is one of the most powerful tools you have as a YouTuber. So go ahead and name your YouTube channel’s community. After doing so, be sure to acknowledge your vlog viewers and supporters by the community name in future content.
Engage with Your Vlog Channel’s Community
Naming your YouTube channel’s community does a lot to include your viewers in your travel vlogging world, but you can do a lot more by consistently referring to your audience by your community name in your videos.
Start out with, “Hi again, [Community Name]! Thanks for tuning in…” Feel free to ask questions, as well. Then you can create a Facebook group and/or Google+ community for them too. You can even get branded merchandise made with the name on it that you can wear in your vlogs, or sell online.
Use Social Media Effectively
Speaking of Facebook groups and Google+ communities, social media is essential to creating and maintaining a successful travel vlog channel. Consistently post varying, interesting, and informative travel images/content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, SnapChat, and any other social media sites that your viewers use.
Since you’re a travel vlogger, you want to place a strong emphasis on using visual based social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Image based social media platforms are great for sharing your travel content and pictures.
Engage consistently with your YouTube channel’s community in the comments sections, on your social media pages, and any groups/community pages that you’ve setup. Ask questions. Answer them. Reply to comments and social posts. Interact with your viewers in as many creative ways possible!
The more effectively you use social media for viewer interaction, the more audience engagement you’ll get, and the more your travel vlogging brand will grow.
End Your Travel Vlogs With a Call to Action
On that note, don’t hesitate to ask or tell your audience what you’d like them to do at the end of your YouTube videos. Effective calls to action include things like, “And if you liked what you saw here, don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up!” or, “For behind-the-scenes news and travel updates, be sure to follow me on social media in the links in the description below.”
In marketing and advertising, they call this, “Asking for the sale,” and it’s very effective. People will love your video but won’t always subscribe to your YouTube channel or follow you on Twitter…unless you ask them to.
Collaborate With Other Travel Vloggers
Finally, as you’ve probably noticed from the advice in this article, vlogging is all about communities, and that isn’t restricted to your travel channel and its community. You are a part of a larger vlogging community in your niche, and you can gain more viewers and a wider following if you acknowledge that fact and get involved with your community.
Reach out to vloggers in your niche and offer to collaborate with them. You can do a collab video on Google Hangouts On Air, or you can do guest travel videos for each other’s channels. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll both gain more viewers by exposing each other to your respective audiences.
All of these tips are pretty simple, but they’re also all very useful and very effective. Try a few of them out on your travel vlogging channel and see the difference it makes.