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1. Crystal Mosque - Terengganu, Malaysia 
The mosque was built between 2006 - 2008. Malaysia on the walls of the mosque steel, glass and crystal observes unsurpassed workmanship. Here people come to see it as our country.

2. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul
The interior walls of the mosque due to blue people know the name of the Blue Mosque. Istanbul's historical monuments it is included. Its texture is derived from Islam found in some mythical citations.
3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi
The mosque has the distinction of being the world's only mosque to which the goods India, Bitren, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Malaysia, China, Greece and New Zealand have been collected from the shrines. Hence the 'Uniting the World' is also known by the name. Fehrist of the largest mosques in the UAE is the highest rank.
4. Masjid-e-Tooba - Pakistan
The goal of this mosque in Pakistan's Karachi mosque is also known by the name. The mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. The mosque is built in white marble. This design keeps the center of attraction for people.
5. Great Mosque of Samarra - Iraq
At first glance you can not tell by looking at it that it is a mosque. Because it made something like this has become like a tower. 16 doors of the mosque.The same strange texture due to the appearance of many to come.
6. Saint Petersburg Mosque - Russia
Aht Abdullah Khan, the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the mosque was laid. In Russia, very few samples of the workmanship is evident, but the example of the mosque in the world is beauty.
7. Iman Reza Shrine - Mashhad, Iran
The name of the mosque imam named Sheikh Raza. The seventh Imam of the Shia Muslims used to be. He laid the foundations of the mosque. Since then, people here take their devotions come from every corner of the world. He remains a tomb here.
8. Hui Mosque - Ningxia, China
The mosque is located in China. Its texture is similar to the Buddhist temples, which helped the world recognize this mosque has had beauty center and discrete.
9. Faisal Mosque - Islamabad
The mosque's design is extremely good. The credit is Turkey's artists. Viewed from the mosque not a mosque, but appears to be a palace.
10. Ubudiah Mosque - Malaysia
In 1913, the 28th Sultan of the mosque built, so its texture is quite conventional.
So now what ... soon go late, come appearance of these mosques. It's not so Ghjhbpost give you all the information at home.
Source:  Ibnlive