How to Add Instagram Widget on Blogger blog

How to Instagram Widget on Blogger Blog?

So, now everybody is on Instagram in case you don't know about Instagram lemme tell you about Instagram its a photo sharing social network..
you might be thinking that is same like Facebook with the option of Status update

Instagram have 200 million every month and 7.3 million post every day..woo one sec.. that really great number of audience to capture for new user i must say today say teen, adult women or men are stick to social network sites

How to Add  Instagram Widget on Blogger Blog?

1. To Get Instagram Widget on Blogger blog click on this link http://www.intagme.com/
2. Type your Instagram Name
3. Select Grid or Slideshow
4. Thumbnail Size (100 PX is by default)
5. Photo Border (optional)

NOW to you can click on PREVIEW BUTTON - See If you wana make Any Changes

6. Get code and copy all
7. Now Log into your Blogger account and > Navigate to layout>Add the Widget
8. In pop up Windows scroll down and click on the HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget
9. Now paste the code got from http://www.intagme.com/ and save
10 Save Arrangements and its done