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Morning Sex gives 5 benifit to stay fit and healthy

Health Benefits Of Morning Sex

Some time Felling can be better for the help at particular time. and love felling is best i can tell you about so if i say that sex felling is better at morning time. than what will you say?
yes doing sex in morning make feel healthy and make you fit. 
Here are the 5 Way which keeps you stay fit if you do morning sex

5. Perks up your immunity:

If you have prone to  cough and cold?  The best thing of medicine you can take as  sex in the morning. This will increase the level of Immunoglobulin (IgA) in your body. IgA is an antibody which  protects us from various types of flues and  infections. having  pleasure as well as health. So, get ready to rock inside your sheets tomorrow morning!
5 Essential Benefits Of Morning Sex

4. Improves the sperm quality:

Is This you want ?? . Morning sex helps in improving the sperm quality of a man, which in turn helps in improving the fertility in a woan. After a study of biology  study revealed that men who have regular morning sex can prevent the sperm damage upto 12 percent. Lesser the sperm damage more is the benefit for the woman. So, if you are planning to conceive it is advised to engage in regular sexual activities, especially in the morning.
5 Essential Benefits Of Morning Sex

3. No Stress:

Strange?? but this is very true that if you have sex in morning you will be not in Stress whole day you will feel fressh all day. so get ready to have all time 
5 Essential Benefits Of Morning Sex

2. Facial glow and awesome hair:

Saving on cosmetic?? you can do this thing free with your partner evry day sex incresses the blood curculation so it gives the facial glow to your body and hair become awesome so try the simple techniqe of facial and awesome hair
5 Essential Benefits Of Morning Sex

1. Decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases:

This is heart problem so. Morning sex helps in protecting your heart. Yes, it provides both the man and the woman, immunity against the cardiovascular diseases. After study of boilogy proves that having an orgasm rejuvenates your body, which helps in the blood circulation and the proper functioning of the heart. So, if you engage in the sexual activities for 3-4 times a week, you are bound to be less prone to heart attacks or any kind of other strokes. In short, pleasure can give you protection against the most common disease in the whole world. Well, it is totally worth it!
5 Essential Benefits Of Morning Sex