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How To Take a Screenshot on Mac

People who correspond along with others using internet commonly like to make use of screenshots to a lot better reveal their meanings. The elegance of screenshots depends on that these experts may present others exactly what you observe on the display. Lots of people which are utilizing MACINTOSH still depending of third party applications to has screenshots as well as these experts are actually certainly not knowledgeable concerning effective ways to have screenshot on mac computer simply along with computer keyboard movements. Below are merely several of the situations where you must lead to screenshots to assist in communication:

  1. You want to snap some funny or serious conversations on a chatting app to share them with other people.
  2. Send others an error massage popping up on the screen for solution.
  3. Show others some instructions on how to operate on a Mac PC or use any other programs on the screen;
  4. Record a screenshot for a webpage for checking later or adding into collection.

2 Best Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Screenshots are the best way to show others what is running on your PC screen. They are intuitive and able to express the problems that are difficult to explain in words. There are many ways to take a screenshot on Mac, but if you don’t want to install any software on your PC, you can turn to its built-in function.

100 Keyboard Shortcuts Easy to USE

Capture Screen with Key Combinations

Mac enables has always made it easy for its users to take a screenshot. The method of pressing key combinations can help you to take a screenshot on mac.
  1. In order to take a screenshot on MAC, you should press “Command+Shift+3”. The image will be automatically saved as a PNG file when you release those keys.
  1. To grab a particular part on the screen, you can press “Command+Shift+4”. Click and drag your mouse to highlight the region you want when the cursor turns into a cross-hair reticle. Release your mouse to confirm that area and you will hear a camera shutter sound which means your picture is taken.
  1. To catch a window, you can press “Command+shift+4”, then space bar, hover your mouse above a window on the top of others and click to capture it.
All the images you took will be saved on the desktop. This method is workable to capture anything presented on the screen. However, what if you want to take a screenshot of a scrolling webpage which has contents beyond the screen? To solve this problem, an online tool comes in need. It offers a function to snap a whole webpage just by its link.

Screenshot Webpage with Webpage Screenshot Capture

You may need Webpage Screenshot Capture to save a scrolling webpage. It is an online application, which means you don’t have to install any software on your PC. With this program, you can capture a full webpage, include the section out ranges the screen. Follow the simple instructions below to do the trick:
  1. Navigate to the webpage you want to capture and copy its link.
  2. Open screenshot.net, click “Webpage Screenshot”, paste the link into the address bar and hit “Take Screenshot”. After that, the webpage will be taken with the part that doesn’t appear on the screen.
  3. On the right side of the webpage, you can select its image format (PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF) and save it to Cloud or to local disk. Once you have uploaded the screenshot, you will be taken to a page on screenshot.net with your image on it. You will also be given the options to edit, share and comment on the image.


  1. If you want to annotate or polish your image, you can click “Edit Image” and upload it. Hit “Edit” to go forward to the editor panel. You’ll be given abundant editing options so that you can either enrich the graph by adding lines, shapes, colors, text and more, or erase a part of it with ease.
  1. If you feel like to share the image with others, this application can satisfy this need directly. After the image is uploaded successfully by choosing “Save online”, you will receive a direct link, a HTML link and a BB-Code link of that image, which you can embed in your articles on websites or forums. Aside from that, you can also share the image to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest by pressing their logos underneath the image link.
We have actually gone over 2 methods to take a screenshot on Mac computer. One is by making use of vital combos and also the various other one is by using a cost-free online use. As our team can observe, the very first procedure is commonly made use of in capturing screenshot with no various other tools. While the 2nd one goes advanced to allow you capture scrolling pages instantly. Not merely does this tool offer the crucial functionality for grabbing pages, this also allows you to post as well as modify graphics. So you could make use of this when you should create screenshots for websites specifically.