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Top 10 best beautiful countries in the world

That is simply because the world, by its nature, is very beautiful, and some places will form a unique exciting experience and memory for the travelers. And, according to many travelers, the top 10 best beautiful countries in the world would be:

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The first beautiful country in the world in our list now is Indonesia. Indonesia is a small country, comparing to the rest in the list. However, Indonesia is among the most popular tourism destination of the world. Indonesia does not seem to have the best developed cities, but it does have the beautiful beaches on Bali Island. The world has recognized that Bali has amazing beaches which showcase very well the natural paradise on earth. And, as well, there are many amazing tourist attractions to visit around Indonesia. That is why it is listed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

New Zealand is another popular tourism country. It is known best as having the most beautiful landscape view of the snow and the mountain. Many travelers have noted that traveling through New Zealand is an exciting experience for them because they could see many amazing natural beauty of the planet. Civilized by its modern development and naturally beautiful by its geographical area, it combines and makes up New Zealand a great country to visit.
Australia is another beautiful country, similar to New Zealand. However, Australia is much beyond a country. It is a large continent which is full of natural resources and amazing natural charm. There are many beautiful places to visit and witness with your own eyes. And, you might find it hard to see it somewhere else around the world such as the Penguin Parade on Philip Island. Australia is a developed country, they have great infrastructure as well as enough budgets to preserve and take care of their nature very well. That is why Australia was beautiful and still can be beautiful for the world travelers to visit.
If to talk about the beauty of a geographical area and culture of a country, another country to in Asia mention would be Japan. Japan is a country with the most beautiful flowers, and that can be seen everywhere around their towns or cities. What that is even more special is the combination of the beautiful nature and the cultural architecture of Japanese people. As often for Japanese people, everything that is built will be built to attach well with nature around. That makes the whole scene unique and amazing.
France is an old country in Europe which is rich in culture. And, many people who have visited France would most be enjoying the view of its cities. As they have a long and rich culture in its history, it has been attached to many of its architectural buildings. This allows people to sense the spirit of their culture and history through those buildings. Generally, they have preserved their nature and culture very well. That forms up one of the best atmospheres to visit.
5. USA
United States of American is a hug country with civilized development. It has a various natural and modern beauties in many places around all their states. It is without doubt that it is among the most beautiful countries in the world.
Similar to the United States, United Kingdom is even more of a country which is rich in their Western culture and tradition. Like in France, most of the culture haves been attached to the architectures they have built hundreds of years ago to form up their beautiful London and other cities as today. United Kingdom is not only among the most beautiful countries to visit, but also the peaceful and gentle country to stay in at least for a while.
South Africa is indeed a unique travel destination of the world, and its most famous image is the variety of wild animals around the area. South Africa does not have the beauty of snowy season or the greeny atmosphere like any other countries, but it does have a collection of the biggest natural wild animal habitats people want to see.
Italy has also been known as among the most beautiful countries in the world. What it is most appreciated is the small charming towns around the country. That is really a unique view and experience it could give to its visitors. This has made it special on its own. Additionally, Italy has also many well-known historical cities such as the Venice and Room which millions of people want to visit.
Far, based on the majority agreement of many travelers, the most beautiful country at all is Scotland. It is so beautiful that you do not want to get out of this country.