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Top 10 Cancers Among Men

Although both men and women are equally susceptible to the nuisance of cancer, certain cancers are more commonly found in men than women. According to the statistic by the American Cancer society, Cancer is predicted to claim the lives of almost 310,000 men in the United States. The only way to mitigate the risk of death is early diagnosis and timely treatment. Here is a list of the 10 most common cancers found in men and how certain changes to your lifestyle might diminish your risks of falling prey to this debilitating ailment:

TOP 10 Most Common Cancer Types, Symptoms & Treatment

1. Prostate Cancer

By far, the most common cancer found in American men is the prostate cancer. In fact, in 2004 alone prostate Cancer accounted for more than 233,000 of the 855,000 cancer diagnoses in men. As compared to Caucasian and Asian men, African-American men are more susceptible to prostate cancer. Steps to keep prostate cancer at bay include being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, and following a diet devoid of processed meats and high fat dairy products. While the exact causes of Prostate cancer are unknown, research has shown that certain risk factors are associated with the disease:

2. Lung Cancer

Contrary to popular belief, prostate cancer is not the only popular cancer among American males; lung cancer is more fatal. More than 116,000 men were diagnosed with lung cancer in the year 2014, of which almost 86,000 died from the malady.

It is highly recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that anybody who has been smoking consistently for the last 15 years or anyone who currently smokes gets screened for lung cancer at least once annually. The only way to steer clear of this disease is to quit smoking, since almost 80 % victims of this disease turn out to be heavy smokers.

3. Colorectal Cancer

In 2016, more than 71,000 men are predicted to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Men above 50 years of age are more prone to colorectal cancer, and all ethnic groups are affected equally by this disease. Regular screening tests can help to ensure early diagnosis and goes a long way in mitigating the mortality rate of this type of cancer.

4. Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer struck almost 56,000 men in the U.S, in 2014 alone. Bladder cancer is more common in men above 70 years of age, smoking heightens the risks associated with it at any age.

5. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most prominent types of cancer found in both men and women in the United States. Nonmelanoma cancers are easier to diagnose than Melanoma skin cancers, but Melanoma cancers are more fatal. It affected more than 43,000 men in 2014 and claimed the lives of almost 6,000 in the U.S. To keep skin cancer at bay, you need to protect your skin from the harmless ultraviolet rays of the sun by wearing sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, fully covered clothes, and applying sunscreen. Since tanning lamps and beds damage your skin and lead to cancer, they should be avoided at all costs. If you notice any sores, bumps, or suspicious moles on your skin that won't heal, consult with a doctor immediately

6. Kidney Cancer

More than 39,000 cases of kidney cancer were diagnosed in American Men in the year 2014. In fact, men are twice as likely to develop this cancer as women. Men above 60 years of age are more affected by Kidney cancer than younger men. Signs of kidney cancer include blood in the urine, a lump or swelling around the kidney region, and a constant paid by your sides. Major risk factors of this disease include smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity.

9.Non-Hodgkin Cancer

This cancer takes root in the immune system, and is highly fatal. Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight, and adopting a healthy lifestyle are important to preventing this type of cancer.

8. Mouth and throat Cancer

In 2014, more than 30,000 men in the United States were struck by cancer of the larynx, also known as throat cancer, and mouth or oral cancer. Using any forms of tobacco, especially smoking, highly elevates the risks of these cancers, as do a diet devoid of fruits and vegetables, heavy drinking, and HPV infections. To prevent this type of cancer, shun all forms of tobacco and smoking, and switch to healthier habits.

9. Leukemia.

Leukemia is predicted to affect more than 30,000 U.S men in 2016. Leukemia is a type of fatal cancer which directly affects the immune system, especially the lymph nodes, white blood cells, and the bone marrow.

10. Pancreatic Cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer is predicted to affect more than 23,000 United States men in 2016, with nearly 20,000 dying from it. People who have a history of obesity, Diabetes, and pancreatitis are more susceptible to this type of cancer. This cancer is also linked to consuming excess processed red meat and high alcohol consumption.