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Top 25 Cool awesome Gadgets for men

Top 25 Cool awesome Gadgets for men
We posted about he  creative Tattoos  people have come up with and now we found 25 cool gadgets that are obviously still a prototype but strongly developed fro men’s taste. If you love some unique inventions or innovative ideas than below gadgets will surely impress you out.

#1. Ford e-Bike

As soon as Audi reveled their e_bike concept ford also came up with their concept of e-Bike delivering awesome design and metallistic body. Come up with a disc braking system and inbuilt high performance system that can boost up your speeds without much hardwork. Well this is the future after drastic increase in the fuel prices.

#2. Kiki Montparnasse Chess Set

Just give a look at this chess set, a other sports player will also get attracted to it to make a play on this, this chess set really comes with some unique attributes, simply awesome.

#3. Porsche Shisha (Hookah)

If you aware about shisha than you might also know that normal shisha have some traditional look with transparent or colored glass and metal chimney hanging in open, well this concept by Porsche brings innovative simple and modern design that can be placed in your bar room or other place and will surely reveal some identity.

#4. Facebook Like Hanger

This can be hanged in your bathroom and will scatter liking in your place, it looks cool and can be used as a hanger for hanging stuff laying around.

#5. Jetlev Water Flyer

With simple boats power you can rule the whole beach public flying with just the power of water flow. Connected to a simple boats machine boosts water through the openings and give you directions to fly right into the air.

#6. Lego VW Camper Van

Volks Wagon came up with a Lego van concept that entirely built using Legos and still works normal. Van looks just a small lego kids concept but its still a miracle of creativity.

#7. Porsche Jonny Walker Bar

What you have to say about this Jonny Walker Bar station from Porsche looks awesome isn’t it. I seriously came in love with the design its steel stuff awesome.

#8. Star Wars Xbox 360 Edition

This golden remote + blueish Xbox 360 concept looks great, what if its hanged right in your room your friends will surely give some good review isn’t it.

#9. Water Walking Ball

Now your dream to walk on water can get true with this amazing sport, water walking ball just allows to fit inside it and rule the water with your dance and funky walking.

#10. Geeky Keytool

What you have to say about this keytool with simple features that can be useful at time when you do not have any other spare tools present with you.

#11. Perse Ping Pong Table

Now now more iron table, this wooden ping pong table by Perse gives more appealing looks and side by side ping pong fun. So now entertain your guests and even attract more people.

#12. Cave Tent Concept

Now camping made more fun with this cave like tent concept, light up your nights and start enjoying with your friends in this camping adventure.

#13. Aqua Skipper Ride

So what do you say about this ride, I don’t think you will have anything similar to this skipper ride bike. It simply makes your summer much more enthusiastic.

#14. Lacie Extremekey USB Drive

Are your a business tycoon or a big reporter you will surely have a USB Pendrive for carrying out your confidential stuff from one place to another. Well but still they are not secure if it fells and something get above it you what to hope, but with this extreme engineered metallistic USB Drive no problem what every goes above it will stay intact.

#15. Tron Light Cycle

Light Tron Cycle has been a real buzz all over the internet with its unique design, this simply took every page on a website and people are really curious about this freaky tech concept.

#16. iCade iPad Emulator

Now just attach your iPad to this iCade and start playing your childhood games with those controls. This is totally compatible with iPad and all controls works fine just pump in and start your game.

#17. Electric Paper Airplane

This will surely remind you about the classroom in which you used to play with tehse kind of paper airplanes but now they have been modernized with electric motor making a much high flyable plane.

#18. Audi Soccer Table

Small soccer table is the major thing which every kid wants in his room, but now its much more cool looking that every parents will force their child to keep one in their room.

#19. Steve Jobs iPhone Case

Now combine your iPhone with the soul that gave it birth, if you are in seriously love with iPhone that you will surely love this case which has Steve jobs embed on its back.

#20. Incredible Jelly Fish Tank

Now make your home space much more freaky with this Jelly Fish tank piece, just keep it anywhere and it will surely creep out your friends.

#21. Ak Ice Tray

Now add some terror in your drinks and scare your friends with these Ak Ice Cases, these come in simple tray form which you fill with water and the outcome would be something iek you see in the above image.

#22. Space Ship Style Faucet

Add some alien style faucet in your bathroom, this will look great and in replacement of those early faucet.

#23. King Cobra ATV

Now forget about your cars or bikes because you are going to rule with these ATV machines, the kind cobra comes with some attitude, so come-on ride here b***hes.

#24.  Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster

This Nitron Blaster is good for your simple enemy just get one of these guns and bust there asses muhahahah !

#25. Modernized Hoverbike

Just sit over this monster and fly over the heads of everyone. This simply uses the fuel tank to power its front and rear wings and you get into the air.