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How to Contact & Send Message to President OBAMA

Write or Call to White House 

YES,  you heard that right, the best highly effective man on the planet is actually currently producing herself open to the globe using social systems. Yes, you will not be able to dial him straight and say hi, but still messaging him could possibly produce your thoughts to be supplied directly to him. Earlier Head of state OBAMA used to read through 10 letters regular however the medium from receiving letter fro different portion of the nation was actually much less, yet with the innovation from Social Networks like Facebook, one can promptly and also firmly connect with any person throughout the planet.
contact president barack obama

President OBAMA is using the very same channel for acquiring your information provided to him straight off the White House Web page on Facebook. Now do not be so ecstatic as people from almost everywhere might be launching several of their bizarre thought and feelings to him and he will not manage to read through each one of those notifications, as I have pointed out merely 10 notification will definitely know by President OABAM every evening.

But yes keep trying and you might end up lifting your message to his head and changing his MIND for not stepping back from the President's position, so let's follow the steps below to see how you can easily contact and send your Message to President OBAMA.
Send Private Message to President OBAMA using Facebook Messenger


Using White House’s official page you can easily send message to president Obama.
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We will be using the default Messenger method that you use to contact and send message to any of your friend.
  1. Now after you visit the above Messenger page, you need to be Signed In to your facebook account to see this.
  2. Now just press the Get Started Button and JUMP In.
  3. It will show you every step, but just press the Let’s GO option and then you will be able to type your own personal message to President Obama.
  4. After writing your message confirm it two times and then enter some of your details whatever they ask you for.
  5. After that just enter your Email Address, in case you get lucky and get a revert from President Obama himself.

Now just tell your friends about your interaction with President Obama how you contacted him and sent Barack Obama a message in person, share this story with your friends and let them try their luck, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and peace!