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Top 10 World’s Richest Female Prostitutes

That points out simply a business owner or a business owner can earn money in thousands and billions? Below, our team got some world's wealthiest female whores which will cost you some even more you actually thought about. Have a look at these richest female prostitutes.

1. Michelle Braun is the one who supplies the most expensive call girls in the world to the high class people and charge goes up to Rs.32 lac for one night.
2. Prostitutes from all parts of south of France, Spain, and Italy gather in Cannes Film Festival, select few which are known for making Rs.26 lac a night.
3. Lauren charges Rs.15 lac for one night, and uses special chat rooms and forums to meet her boys.

4. Before long, Ava Xi’an used to charge Rs.4.20 lac/Night which she used up in her father’s surgery.
5. Ms. Maya Blue is a enterprising women and has her own website mentioning about her schedule and services. She charges around Rs.3 lac/Night.
6. Ashley Dupre aka Kristen charges Rs.2.80 lac per night and the fact leaked was Attorney General and later governor of New York paid over 52.0 lac on Kristen.
7. Just Kassandra is exclusive in her clients and chooses only people she likes. She meets the person first and than decide about the price which is around Rs.2 lac per night.
8. Natalie McLennan is one of the famous prostitutes in New York and was also featured in the NY magazine as the richest prostitute. She charges Rs.1.30 lac per hour.
9. Loredana Jolie charges Rs.1.30 lac per night and has also claimed to be only paid 9.80 lac at one time from all the men she was with.
10. According to rumors, Zahia Dehar is replica of Barbie doll and she charges Rs.80000 per night.
These facts were really shocking for me, did you knew about all of them?

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