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How to Behave After Sex

10 Awkward Things Guys Do After Sex

  • Do not go to sleep immediately after: Many a time couples come across this dilemma. One of the partners falls asleep immediately after sex. This can seriously kill the charm of sex in the future.
  • Make her feel wanted: Instead of dozing off or playing games on your phone, talk to your partner and make her feel loved. Caress her, share jokes, or even watch a movie together.
  • Do not analyze the episode: Criticizing or analyzing the session could make it embarrassing for your partner. Do not suggest any better moves or positions as this could make her feel like you didn’t have enough fun.
  • Don’t start whining about your hunger: It is perfectly normal to feel hungry after a lovemaking session, but whining about it will only annoy your partner. Lay with her for a couple of minutes before you ask her to prepare any munchies.
  • Lay in a bubble bath: Instead of taking a shower alone, ask your partner to join you for a warm water bubble bath. Requiring very little energy of both the partners, this will surely be enjoyed and will also leave both of you rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Don’t be self-obsessed: Everybody loves being praised and complimented, but initiating a topic just to hear your partner comment on your lovemaking skills will certainly turn her off.
Leaving hurriedly after sex will only leave the thought of being used for physical purposes in your partners mind. Follow the above tips to have romantic future sessions instead of passionless one-night stands