Top 18 Best and Deep Tweets from Jaden Smith (The Thinker)

ea1b12f5a24e24bad79823956b9972a09c886126Jaden Smith fancies himself to be rather the thinker. You may discover a few of his informative tweets to be beneficial, or perhaps you'll simply make fun of how ludicrous they are.

18 Top Most Deepest Tweets made by Jaden Smith


Oh man, apple inflation is truly speeding up nowadays, farmers actually have to stop printing a lot of apples otherwise we'll wind up like Zimbabwe. Then we 'd need to consume a million apples simply to make it through breakfast!


Is this Jaden's description of why he capitalizes every word he composes? I do not believe I 'd want to take a Jaden 101 class for my language requirement.


We currently understand that Jaden likes trees, and he plainly wishes to share his love with his sibling WIllow. And obviously likewise Miley Cyrus's more youthful sibling?


This is the embodiment of Jaden's quasi-philosophical however absolutely nonsense tweets. Why a cupcake and why the hashtag Jupiter?


I do not believe decreasing the bar so that everybody appears smarter is mosting likely to exercise that well.


So palm readers were right the whole time! Rats, I ought to have been paying more focus on exactly what they stated.


The response is high, you're most likely high Jaden. If not then I think he's simply mosting likely to have a bumpy ride in college attempting to finish with a significant in "uncertain.".


Wow. This is really a reflection. Somebody inform us, exactly what is the response??


Among the very best quotes to ever strike the web. You understand exactly what Jaden, we cannot truly state you're incorrect, however I'm quite sure this concern is useless.


I believe the words coming out of Jaden's mouth at such a young age are sufficient evidence to the contrary.


Trees most likely aren't ever upset either. Or pleased, or sorrowful, or ...


HOW WILL WE EVER GO ON !! Someone most likely offered him some 'Diet Water' and he believed the world was over.


Plainly there are a lot of sensations simply bubbling and swirling underneath his emotionless face that he might never ever let individuals be exposed to them for worry it will overwhelm them.


Okay fine, Jaden is on to something here. Extremely romantic. I simulate the concept of having the ability to clone myself however by participating in a connection. Now with 100% more me!


The late Maya Angelou would disagree; the caged bird sings of liberty.


Either he's calling us truly clever, where case Thanks Jaden!, otherwise he truly believes our world's leaders are quite dumb.


I prefer to take this in an inspirational method. Jaden is simply attempting to remind everybody that they constantly have more to find out about the world! Or, Will Smith simply grounded Jaden and does not "Get It.".


Jaden sure enjoys to tweet about trees! This one appears a little uneasy. Possibly he's simply truly colorblind?