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TOP 5 Blogging Mistakes that’s Decreasing your Blog Traffic

Blogging is an evolution of you from becoming a dreamer to a writer, from helping your friends to helping the whole world. It involves to stay updated and make everyone updated too with your helpful stuff and helping them in every way possible. But blogging is not a simple task that could be opted by anyone; it requires you to have those writing skills and passion for taking your blog to the next level.

Here are 5 Tips that you Should Avoid for Increasing your Blog Traffic

 This will help you in a long run and naturally assist you in becoming a successful blogger and maintaining an authority blog.
#1. Posting Mixed Content
Posting content from any niche is bad, but not for everyone, if you have something really useful you can do so, like I post pretty much about anything, this in long run might not help me in making my blog an authority blog but still this is my passion I love to share all the best stuff with my readers, and if they are happy, I am glad.

But if you are a startup blogger, then you should avoid posting content from any Niche. Try focusing on a single niche and post stuff on that only. Like if you are posting about blogging stuff then you should not include any other internet related tricks for downloading freebies or so.
You can post content only related to blogging, like blogger widgets, blogger themes, WordPress plugins and so on. So avoid this and it will help you in a long run.
#2. Less Focus on Quality than Quantity
Content is the KING” this proverb states all. If your content is bad, then your blog is going to be a dumb place for your visitors to be at. Try focusing on best quality content, instead of posting a lot of content.
For instance, if you have a lot of stuff, what you do you just add 1 paragraph or like 100 words and post that stuff and continue to work on another article, well this in a long run is not going to help you out in making your blog an authority blog.
The best way is to interlink your articles, add everything related to that content. Try to add proper headings and maintain a healthy stream of images and videos to elaborate your content further.
#3. Grammatical Mistakes – Bad Writing
Believe it or not, if your content has a lot of grammatical errors and they are being done every time on a constant basis, then mark my word you are going to face a lot of issues in future.
Proper writing without making any grammar mistakes is the key to optimizing your traffic and readers loyalty. A person who is visiting your site and not understanding your content won’t visit you again. So make sure you use some nice grammar checking tool or online service,Grammarly is an excellent option, and you can get free one-week premium by using our link, check above post.

#4. Posting Regularly
Few upcoming blogger always tends to add more content either bycopying that content or writing their own whatever the matter is but as soon as their blogs attract the readers, and they start making money from their blog then they become lazy and even greedy for just letting the money pop in but not posting regularly.

Now by posting regularly, I do not mean to add content every day, but you need to be consistent that twice or thrice a week you have posted something unique and useful for the readers.
Consistency is the key, and if you are consistent then there will be no block roads for you, try to stay and keep readers updated.
#5. Optimizing Post only for SEO
A big “NO” do not ever only optimize your post for SEO, this means injecting a lot of keywords and blah blah, try to make some meaning out of post, try explaining your post in a meaningful way.

Few upcoming bloggers know the effect of keywords, so they just inject keywords in their post, but if you write an excellent lengthy post it even includes every single word and Google are smart enough to understand what you content is all about and it display’s your content accordingly to people who are searching something related to your content, so simply write your content and do not only concentrate on SEO, but follow some rules and you will be good.