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10 Common Misconceptions About INDIA That The World Needs To Clear

1. India smells funny

There is actually reports around concerning individuals stepping off the plane to India and also being reached by the stink. That makes no feeling. Exactly how can an entire NATION aroma poor? As like anywhere else, some locations stink funny, some don't (it is actually also considering that folks pee outside a great deal though). There's a wide range from smells, and a considerable amount of all of them wonderful!

2. Indian is a language

Nope. There's manies foreign languages being talked throughout the country, off the lowest corner to the highest possible. 780 from them to become particular.

3. All Indian food is spicy

This has ended up being even more of an operating joke than just about anything, but no, certainly not all Indian food items will certainly make you run to the bathroom with a fiery butthole. There is actually some ridiculous spicy stuff out there (greetings bhoot jolokia) and after that there is actually the soothing South Indian curd rice which resembles a trendy dip for your tummy.

4. There's elephants and snake charmers everywhere

While you'll see a considerable amount of both, this exotic photo of a land of mystics as well as magic guys is, obviously, not true. You merely must hunt for that magic elsewhere. The nation is rather created, and each facets endure all together

5. Indian people only wear saris and kurtas

There's a wide range of garments, relying on the society from the place. Suffice to say, not every females is wearing a sari (Putting that stuff on appeals impossible in any case).

6. India is a country for Hindus

Entirely not true. The phrase Hindustan was actually created by Arabs. Words' Industan' suggests the land past the Indus Waterway. There's all kinds of people in India, not merely Hindus.

7. All Indians have a funny accent

Any person speaking a language besides their very own possesses an emphasis. And also this is actually scarcely ever as foolish as we see on TV. A little bit of Indian emphasis is attractive, and also I think we are actually pretty happy with this.

8. Indians have weird pooping habits

Our bathroom practices have really been actually proved to become the most effective for our withins in addition to our outsides. One thing concerning appropriate posture as well as just what certainly not. Plus our experts make use of the care tap, which I can right now certainly never reside without!

9. Life in India is exactly like a Bollywood movie

Some individuals love Shah Rukh, while others dig Rajnikanth, but none people go around dance on mountaintops and vocal in the storm (not generally at the very least). Our company reside our lives like usual individuals, just like the globe.

10. Indians mostly drive taxis abroad

As Preet Bharara  quickly effortlessly confirms, this popular fashion is actually rather old. Additionally, taxis are actually fairly amazing!

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