Bollywood's Most Expensive movies which are Flops

Ticket office is actually the best unforeseeable video game. A small spending plan and also risky movie occasionally provide the very best revenues to producers while a film with promised Hit formula included along with higher budget plan comes to be the headache from manufacturers. If somebody knew the end results previously, they would certainly never put in big in an incorrect film, yet this expertise comes with the incorrect choices simply.

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There are actually opportunities when also extremist supervisors, celebrity stars as well as earth-shattering budget plans are actually unable to save a film. Therefore regardless of the trailers recommending that whatever is actually going right for the film up until its release, its own destiny at package office demonstrates how every cent spent can be flushed away on a Friday!

The account of these movies, proclaimed as some of the costliest in the business, are going to confirm just how they became the biggest losers in Bollywood.

1. Shaandaar

I'm sure there were many like me, who genuinely felt bad for this film made at a budget of 75 crores.

2. Bombay Velvet

Another big flop of 2015, Bombay Velvet has become a scar in the career of director Anurag Kashyap. Cinefans rejected the film so enthusiastically that the 125-crore film had a loss of 100 crores. 

3. Kites

A superstar son, a brilliant director, a Mexican hottie and a melodic album, but . But unfortunately, he also had a cliched script. 150 crores wasted!

4. Asoka

5. Love Story 2050

 "senseless" script. While Harman ended up with the tag of a Hrithik-lookalike, the corny film also lead to his breakup with his rumoured girlfriend and his female lead Priyanka Chopra. Ouch!

6. Raavan

 The 100-crore film lost more than 50% at the box office.

7. Mangal Pandey

All we remember in this 35-crore film is Aamir's long hair and his big moustache.

8. Saawariya

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's banner, it could've been the perfect launchpad for Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor., the 40-crore film, after a point, left the audience gasping for some sunlight and fresh air. 

9. Raju Chacha

It was made at a budget of 30 crores at a time when lavish films required 15 crores tops. 

10. Blue

At 129 crores, this film became Bollywood's most expensive in 2009. 

11. Drona

It is always a risk to invest 87 crores on Abhishek Bachchan, right?